Guidelines for Submission

If you have a love letter for VS Naipaul and you would like to share it here, please send it as an attachment to < >. Spiked with vitriol, awash with sentiment, amused to the point of disbelief, or simply bored with the same old argument, your love letters should both inform and entertain.

We are looking for original material not posted or published elsewhere. Please include both your real name and your pen name. Your pen name will be published with your love letter, and a cross-listing of your pen name and real name will appear on a separate page on the site.

At this time, we select and publish one letter each month. We read everything you send, and though we cannot promise to publish everything we do appreciate your words.

It should also be known that we delight in all forms of “feminine tosh,” regardless of the author’s gender.



Thank you for visiting Love Letters to VS Naipaul. We hope to hear from you!

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!


1 thought on “Guidelines for Submission”

  1. And if it is more or less lacking in “feminine tosh” will it be sent to the gentleman?

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